George Sheldon Family
George W Sheldon Family

(From left to right: John Rith, husband of Elizabeth Sheldon; George W. Sheldon; Isabel Ruof, wife of Harold R. Sheldon; Elizabeth Sheldon, wife of John Roth & daughter of George W Sheldon and Agnes; Agnes Malzahn, wife of George W. Sheldon; and Harold R. Sheldon.)

Sheldon Family Genealogy

I have been interested in my family’s genealogy for most of my life. 

With only sketchy information from family sources, I repeatedly asked about our origins. But no one seemed to know much about the Sheldons. 

Finally with the amazing science of DNA, the connection of where I came from has been determined.  My DNA tests have determined my Sheldon ancestors are from Derbyshire, England. My 9th Great Grandfather is Godfrey Sheldon, who arrived here in America in the middle of the 17th Century.

Here is my American line of Sheldons:

Godfrey Sheldon 1599-1670

John Sheldon  1630-1708

Richard Sheldon  1669-1741

Thomas Sheldon  1728-?

William Sheldon  1765-1850

William Sheldon Jr.  1795-1876

Peter H. Sheldon  1831-1905

George W. Sheldon  1869-1942

Harold Raymond Sheldon 1899-1965

George G. Sheldon  1924-1989

George G. Sheldon Jr

Peter H Sheldon

Peter H. Sheldon


Peter H. Sheldon is my great-great grandfather.  Born in New Jersey, Peter served in the US Army during the American Civil War. He was a private in Company B, &0th New York Infantry.  He was shot twice, once at the Battle of Williamsburg in 1862, and again in during the Battle of Gettysburg, most likely on the the second day of battle in July 1863.

This is an image of my father, George G. Sheldon, with his grandfather, George W, Sheldon.

My father was named after his grandfather.  

I am a Junior, so I am named after my father, as I am George G Sheldon Jr., and in turn, I am also named after George W. Sheldon.

My great-grandfather Gergel was born in Sparrowbush, Orange County, NY in 1869.  He is the one that moved his family to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania around 1915.

This photo of the two George Sheldons is circa 1940. The photographer is unknown, but the photo was taken in Lancaster City Pennsylvania.  

George G. Sheldon & George w, Sheldon

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The Sheldon Family Association websites include tips and information, but could use an update as some of the information stated is now questionable due to ongoing DNA test results.  

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Be sure to check out Wheaton Wood – A Genetic & Genealogical Forest. This website is a great resource for Sheldons.  This is Kelly Wheaton’s site, ad she is the person in charge of the Sheldon Family DNA Project. There is a specific section here about the Sheldon lineage.  It is also recommended you read the information about DNA testing.  

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