George Sheldon

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• Based in Lancaster County, PA
• Editorial & Commercial Photographer
• Regular contributing photographer to multiple news and stock photo agencies
• Topics often include People, Places. Things – Business, Travel, Transportation, Historic Sites
• Over 50 years plus of photography experience
• Sold first pictures for publication when 14 years old
• Using Sony Camera Kit & Lenses
• Author of over 30+ Published Books
• Written and Published over 1,000 articles in newspapers & magazines
• Contract syndicated writer & photographer
• Photographs published in newspapers, magazines, books, websites, and other media over decades
• FAA Certified Remote Pilot (Licensed Part 107 Drone Pilot)

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George Sheldon is a stock photographer. George creates the imagery of travel, lifestyle, and editorial use. He shoots a diverse range of subjects for commercial and editorial clients.

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George Sheldon on assignment in Philadelphia.
George Sheldon on Assignment
George Sheldon on a photo assignment in Hershey, Pennsylvania.