It has been said that a picture is worth a 1,000 words!
So what does your mug shot say about you?

[photocrati_gallery gal_id="385_1" gal_type="4"] Head shots for actors, models, business professionals, musicians, artists, authors, dancers.

Your headshot should make a great first impression. You only get one chance!

Remember the last tine you had a meeting scheduled with someone and you went to Google to “research” the person you were going to meet? Well, prospective customers, prospects, and clients are doing the same thing to you. So be sure you are making a great first impression!

You have to ask yourself some tough questions. Who is your target audience?

What message do you want to send?

No matter who you are or what your goals are you need to put your best and most appropriate face forward. When your target audience is viewing hundreds or thousands of choices they decide very quickly.

Will you stand out or be passed over?

Headshots for Actors, Models, Musicians, Dancers, Entertainers

Your headshot is your calling card – you need this to act as your business card. Within just a few seconds, a producer or casting director or booking agent is going to decide if they like you – or not. Your first impression is so important. Don’t blow your chances by having a poor headshot.

Headshots for Business Persons and Professionals

Real estate agents learned decades ago how important it is to have their photo on all their marketing materials. Now attorneys,  accountants, financial advisors, insurance agents, medical professionals, and other business persons need a great headshot to get new clients and customers.

Headshots for Social Media

From LinkedIn to Facebook, look good on social media. Even people on dating sites have found that a great looking headshot increases interest in their posting.

Headshots are affordable!

Don’t expect to pay hundreds of dollars for a headshot! My price is only $75 for a headshot (one professionally retouched image or three retouched images for $150).

Fast service, too – your images will be completed promptly!

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