Act Nick Nolte’s Mug Shot following his arrest.

What does your headshot say about you?

Have you ever Googled the person you are meeting with a few hours for business? Well, keep this thought is mind: they are doing this to you, too. Your image is just so important these days.

I can create a custom business portrait, designed to meet your specific goals. More than ever, what you look like, the image you present, impacts directly on your business, career, and life.

Headshots for Everyone!

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Corporate portraits, headshots, avatars, profiles, and publicity shots are as applicable now as they have ever been. Instead of only using it to send in to the local paper when you are doing something new or newsworthy, these photographs are now used in blogs, on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook and in apps for mobile media, such as Bump on the iPhone. Like any other image that I am involved in, my first question when getting ready to create a  headshot portrait is what kind of image are you looking to create? Ultra modern? Traditional with a twist? Something that shows off your professionalism, respectability, warmth, etc? Do you want to do it at your office? In front of your sign? Make up a background? Make it look like a magazine cover (so that, perhaps, it will become one!)?

Let’s talk.  Location shoots are more dynamic and engaging.  For whatever type of image you need, you will get great headshots the first time, guaranteed. Consider me your no-excuse headshot photographer. Having a great headshot is probably  the most important marketing tool for anyone networking. It’s a necessity in today;s social media connected world.

As every session is based on your specific needs and wants, the rates vary according to your needs. Contact George Sheldon Photography to get started now.

Three Kinds of Headshot Photography Service

I offer three kinds of photography services for those that need headshots (and related products). Theu include

  • Corporate Portraits (also Business Headshots)
  • Model – Actor Headshots (also for entertainers, musicians, dancers, etc.)  – Portfolios are also available.
  • Dating Headshots (simple headshots for use on those dating web sites

You can learn more about each of these services by using these links:

Corporate Headshots | Actor – Model Headshots | Dating Headshots