Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in getting a head shot. I offer headshots for businesspersons and professionals – as well as for entertainers, models, actors, musicians, dancers, and other creatives.

So what does your mug shot say about you?


Head shots for actors, models, musicians, artists, authors, dancers, magicians, and other creatives.

Your headshot is your calling card – your business card. The people that are going to hire you will only give you a second or two, and in that brief moment, they will decide if they want to consider you, or more onto the hundreds of others in the stack. Your headshot should make a great first impression. You only get one chance!


Within 48 hours after George Sheldon created this headshot, an agent agreed to represent this young model.


Let’s work together to make a great headshot for you, too!

If you are a business professional, please visit the George Sheldon Business Portrait page.

No matter who you are or what your goals are you need to put your best and most appropriate face forward. When your target audience is viewing hundreds or thousands of choices they decide very quickly.

Will you stand out or be passed over?

Portfolio Photography for Models and Actors

0649_GSP130731If you are an actor, model, entertainer, dancer, musician, or other creative, please visit my headshot photography page.

Pennsylvania model photography has evolved with George Sheldon’s eye for perfection, editorial experience, and high quality equipment. You are guaranteed outstanding images for your book or portfolio.
Don’t hesitate to contact George Sheldon Photography for custom rates or choose from a standard package. George Sheldon is experienced in many different areas of photography including photojournalism, model headshots, actor head shots, casual shots, business executive portraits, and more! George Sheldon Photography offers a wide variety of shoots. You do not have to be a model. We shoot everyone.
My Susquehanna Valley based photography services include:
  • Acting portfolios
  • Commercial model portfolios
  • Editorial photography
  • Executive Portraits
  • Fashion photography
  • Glamour photography (Maxim type)
  • Headshots
  • Location shoots
  • Marketing Images
  • Model agency portfolios
  • Personal use images
  • Swimwear photography
I can help provide access to the area’s top hair and makeup artists at your request.
My service includes high end image finishing with special attention to detail. We complete retouching with techniques used in magazines and advertisements throughout the world. The result is an image that brings out the absolute best in your look.
As every session is based on your specific needs and wants, the rates vary according to your needs. Contact George Sheldon Photography to get started now.

Included with a Headshot

Each headshot session includes:

  • Personalized photo session created at your location
  • Indoor or outdoor setting
  • Minimum of 30 photos created
  • Client chooses one image for full, artistic retouching from online, password-protected gallery
  • Final, retouched, digital image delivered to client in both high-resolution and social
    media formats.
  • Final images does not including any watermark or photographer logo.
  • Client receives license granting unlimited usage of the image (often commonly referred to as a copyright release). Licensed use of the photographs is as often as desired in any format,forever, without further charge.

Head shots are affordable!

Don’t expect to pay hundreds of dollars for a head shot! Affordable — and fast service, too – your images will be completed and delivered promptly!

Discounts available for multiple sessions scheduled during the visit to your location.

E-mail or call now for an appointment.

(717) 202-2488


Headshots (also known as Corporate Portraits)

I can create a custom business portrait, designed to meet your specific goals. More than ever, what you look like, the image you present, impacts directly on your business, career, and life. hs201Have you ever Googled the person you are meeting with a few hours for business? Well, keep this thought is mind: they are doing this to you, too. Your image is just so important these days.

Corporate portraits, headshots, avatars, profiles, and publicity shots are as applicable now as they have ever been. Instead of only using it to send in to the local paper when you are doing something new or newsworthy, these photographs are now used in blogs, on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook and in apps for mobile media, such as Bump on the iPhone.


Like any other image that I am involved in, my first question when getting ready to create a corporate or business headshot portrait is what kind of image are you looking to create? Ultra modern? Traditional with a twist? Something that shows off your professionalism, respectability, warmth, etc.


Do you want to do it at your office? In front of your sign? Make up a background? Make it look like a magazine cover (so that, perhaps, it will become one!)? Let’s talk. For whatever type of image you need, you will get great pictures the first time, guaranteed. George is your no-excuse photographer.


If you are looking for a business or professional headshot, please visit my business portrait page.




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