Frequently Asked Questions (and the answers)

Q. –  What is your service area?
A. – Generally speaking, I work in the Susquehanna Valley. Based in Lancaster, I routinely accept assignments generally in about a 50-mile radius. I do work in other areas. Please check my Service Area page for more information.

Wedding Photography

Q. – Are you the only photographer?
A. – I am the main photographer. I do not get an assignment and turn it over to someone else. When you hire George Sheldon, you get George Sheldon.

Q. – Am I guaranteed that you will be the one showing up to shoot my wedding?
A. – Yes, absolutely. Unless I am extremely ill or there is an unexpected emergency, I will be the one showing up to photograph your wedding. In over 30+ years, I have never once missed a wedding assignment. I do have several photographers that I work with – I trust them so much that I would even give them my gear to shoot your wedding. They shoot in my style. I use them as second shooters. Rest assured, I will be there – but if something catastrophic happened at the last minute, I will see that your wedding is photographed.

Q. – Can I get that in writing that you will be the one photographing my wedding?
A. – Everything is in writing in the wedding assignment agreement.

Q,  – Do you provide online proofing?
A. – Yes, as a part of our standard service included for all of our clients, we do include online proofing. Your images are uploaded onto our Web site and placed in a password-protected gallery.

Q. – Can we order prints online?
A. – Yes. From our online proofing page, you can select photos you want us to print, or even order yourself online.

Q. – Is the online proofing gallery password-protected?
A. – Yes. You will receive the password and link to your gallery as soon as the proofs are ready for viewing.

Q.  – Who can access the online gallery?
A. – Your online gallery can be viewed from anywhere around the world by anyone that you provide the password.


Q. – Do you have any advice to help me find modeling jobs for my child?
A. – I suggest you check the George Sheldon Document Library and download a PDF file published by the FTC entitled Avoid Modeling Scams.

Q. – Do you photograph children or teenagers for their modeling or actor headshots?
A. – Yes. However, a parent (and not a sibling or friend) must be present during the entire photography session. The parent must also sign an Authorization to Photograph & Release prior to the photography.



Q. – Are you related to Sidney Sheldon?
A. – No. Sheldon is my last real last name, unlike Sidney. His real last name was Schechtel, not Sheldon.

Q. – Do you sell comp cards?
A. – No. I do not sell or offer them. I do give my modeling and actor clients a list of places where they can order the cards direct. I also provide a release that allows your copyrighted images to be reproduced on your cards.


Q. – Do the images you sell have the copyright notice on them?
A. – No. The copyright notice is only on the online galleries to prevent theft.

Costs and Fees

Q. – What is the general cost of an investment in your photo service?
A. – Please contact us with specific details of what you need and I would be happy to give you a quote.


Still have questions?

If you still have a question, do not hesitate to contact George Sheldon.