Creating Headshots for an Actor

Actor Headshots by George Sheldon

Erikarose Headshot

Erikarose Erikarose Erikarose Erikarose Erikarose Erikarose Erikarose Erikarose Erikarose

Actors, models, musicians, entertainers, dancers  and others that need headshots often want to know what they will get from George Sheldon Photography when they book a headshot session. So I thought I’d show the results of a headshot session that I did with Erikarose.

Here are the 10 shots that Erikarose chose from the session. There were others I liked, but it was her session. And of course, she has to decide what she wanted to convey when she is going on casting calls and speaking with agents and directors.

We shot this on location – and not in a studio session.

Erikarose said the toughest part of working with me as her photographer is that she couldn’t decide which shots she liked best. What a compliment!

Actor Headshots Made Easy

Erikarose is a true professional. She makes the photographer’s work easier. She takes direction perfectly. She holds up well during the entire session. She gets into the pose and position, and follows those directions I need to get the light right on her face.

Another thing that she did right was allow me to use an environmental setting, rather than a plain gray screen. Look at how much attention is on her face – just because of the simple backgrounds.

The purpose of these shots is to get Erikarose work as a model and an actor. I am sure that if she gets these images out there, she will get the meetings and interviews she needs for her big break.

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Rapid Firing at Christine Ferreira in Holiday Parade

George Sheldon Event Photography

Christine Ferreira

Christine Ferreira in Holiday Parade by George Sheldon

Christine Ferreira in Holiday Parade

Christine Ferreira in Holiday Parade by George Sheldon Photography

Christine Ferreira in Holiday Parade

Christine Ferreira in Holiday Parade

Christine Ferreira in Holiday Parade

WGAL’s Storm Team member Christine Ferreira rode in a shiny Corvette at the Harrisburg Holiday Parade. To get some shots of the popular meteorologist, I had to work fast – kind of what I call rapid fire – to produce these images. In a parade, the movement is sometimes faster or slower, depending on the participants. You don’t have a lot of time to compose shots and get the best backgrounds or even the best composition. To get one good shot of Christine, I opted to use my rapid fire technique to produce these images. It worked. I was ablte to capture her while her car was moving and she was smiling.


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Google Photos at Work Help Market Your Business

Google Photos at Work

Google Photos at Work

If you are a small business and you want to use the power of Google to assist in your marketing effort, Goggle suggests you use Photos at Work.

The above image is a screen capture directly from Google showing their suggestions as to the types of images you should be using. Place multiple images on your business page. Of course, you could use your Google Photos at Work in other aspects of your overall marketing.

No Cell Phone for Photos at Work

We all carry cell phones that have cameras. But the images they create are not as sharp as you can create with professional photo gear. You are just not going to get those professional images that will project your business or organization in its best possible image.

Photos at Work are Not Posed

Notice that the suggested images are not posed – the business owner or employee is not standing there smiling at the camera. Google’s selected example images are candids – the subjects in the images are totally ignoring the camera. This is the same sort of photography that wedding photographers and events photographers use.

If you want to use Google Photos at Work to help promote your business or organization, I will be glad to discuss a photo session with you.

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The Wedding Group Shot after the Ceremony

George Sheldon Photographer Lancaster PA Wedding Photography

After the ceremony, the fun shot with everyone!

After the ceremony, when the bride and groom are introduced as a married couple, and before the reception, some of the standard wedding photographs are taken.

There is one shot that I just so enjoy creating – it’s the everybody at the wedding, group together, and put your hands up and cheer! This is just one image this Lancaster Pennsylvania wedding photographer always includes with the final images.

Help for the photographer!

Make sure you get two favorite aunts – one from the groom’s family and one from the bride’s. They are the “wrangler” to help get all the friends and family into the group shot. Most guests will cooperate, but there could be someone that doesn’t want to be in the picture. Some hide behind some else. It happens.

Wedding Group Image – Just So much fun!

It is so much fun to create. Look at the expressions on the faces. How could you not love this wedding group image? I usually rapidly fire my camera to get several shots very quickly – just like you do for a sporting event. This group shot, which I often produce in both color and black and white for my wedding clients, is often one the bride’s favorites. They just love the look. Of course, the want the more formal look, but they love this fun, hands in the air image too.

Brides never ask for this shot, but they really should. The wedding group fun image is just one I do, as long as I have the time. It does take a few minutes to set it up.  I do the fun shot after I get a more serious shot. It just seems to make sense to create this one, if you got everyone already in position.  If you are planning your wedding, be sure to get this shot! It will be one of your favorites of the day!

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Casting Call for Pizza Commercial

A 1 minute commercial by Temple’s National Student Advertising Competition team.


Wife (25-35)
-A beautiful stay at home wife.

Husband (25-35)
– A businessman with no time to spare.

Delivery Boy (20-25)
-A handsome Pizza Hut delivery boy.

-A deep voiced sensual man.

Compensation: Paid
Requirements: NON-UNION
Contact Information
Contact: Jared Hirsch
Phone: (215) 429-4629

Shooting date: March 28th

Audition Date: March 2nd in Annenberg Hall at Temple University

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