Welcome to my Web site!

My name is George Sheldon.

george_sheldon_3_smallI am a writer, journalist, and author, located in my hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I am the author of dozens of published books. I am back at my keyboard, actively working on several more, and should soon have an announcement about my next book. The research continues as the work progresses.

This Web site has information about me, my copy writing services, my writing, workshops, and some of my books.

My past books have been about history, business, and writing.

I  am adding a special section of information especially for other writers and authors. This section is expanding and I am adding more reference materials to my document library.

You can use this site to contact me, to request my appearance for a speech, writers conference, book signing, appearance at a school or conference, or to learn more about me or writing.

Over 1,000 articles – over 35 published books – 40+ years of writing experience  … and I am not ready to retire quite yet.