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 Lancaster PA Photographer

Special Note: Watch for another change coming soon! My website will be “dividing” – currently points to and resolves at this site – These two sites will separated, offering even more features to my clients. More details coming soon!

Welcome to the online portfolio and website of  George Sheldon, a photographer based in the heart of the picturesque Pennsylvania Dutch Country in his home town of Lancaster, PA, and serves Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and beyond.

Lancaster :: York :: Harrisburg :: Lebanon :: Gettysburg :: Hershey
Dauphin – Cumberland – Berks – Adams Counties
Available for travel.

George is  available to answer questions or comments. Please email via the contact page or call (717) 202-2488.

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Strasburg Telegraph Office is Image of the Day


A telegraph office at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, located in Strasburg, Lancaster County, is the subject of today’s image. This image will be added to our online stock images and will be available for licensing.

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Leanna Head Shot is the Image of the Day

IMG_8867 (2)

Leanna needed some head shots for her portfolio, and it was my pleasure to work with her. We did the shoot in Millersville (one of my favorite places to work) and got some great shots. This is just one of the many that was added to her portfolio – and it is the Image of the Day.

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Lancaster is Festive at Night is the Image of the Day

IMG_5630 (2)

Sometimes, you just become a street photographer, whether you want to or not. That’s what happened in downtown Lancaster last year when I walked on North Queen Street in December. The festive mood of the holiday was apparent on this busy downtown evening.

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God is Love Mission Sign is the Image of the Day


Today’s image is one from my archives. I shot this one a few years ago – it shows a God is Love sign on a mission in a cityscape.

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Guarantee Added to George Sheldon Web Site


My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee has been added to my website. It is a simple guarantee – I offer your complete satisfaction or you pay nothing. I don’t want any unhappy customers. It’s that simple. You can read my entire guarantee by clicking here.



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Model Portfolio Outtake is the Image of the Day

George Sheldon Model Portfolio Photography

Sometimes, the images I don’t use are interesting to me. That;s the case of this image of Sierra, from a portfolio shoot of her in Lancaster. Sierra was a great model, and quickly got into position as we progressed on the shoot. This was a test shot – to see how the lighting was being read by my camera’s metering system. I opted not to select the image for her portfolio, but still, I like her look in this simple image. Perhaps I should have used it in SIerra’s model portfolio. Nevertheless, it is the image of the day.

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Erikarose, Actress & Model

Erikarose, headshot by George Sheldon

Erikarose Head Shot by George Sheldon

It was my great pleasure to work again with Erikarose, an aspiring actress and model from York County, PA. Erikarose is  delight to photograph. She is one of the best models I have had the pleasure to photograph. She us quite comfortable in front of the camera, and she has a wide range of expressions and looks. It doesn’t take much coaxing to get her n a perfect position.

This shoot – which we did in Millersville – was for her updated headshot and to include more prints in her portfolio. Erikarose said she is getting ready for auditioning season, which will promptly begin early in January.

Erikarose has graciously agreed to allow me use some of her images from her portfolio shoot here on my web site. I am going to post more soon. This image – not a typical headshot because of the horizontal orientation – still looks good to me. I have added it to my home page portfolio.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see Erikarose in print, tv, or even the big screen. She is a natural talent with a great look – and it was my honor to photograph her.

You can see more of Erikarose by visiting her web site:

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Wedding Flowers are the Subject of the Image of the Day

George Sheldon Wedding Photography

Wedding Flowers

When photographing  a wedding or other special event, getting the details is always a part of the assignment. One of the neat things about shooting a wedding is the opportunity to photograph the flowers. I like to spend a lot of time getting the details of floral arrangements. Here;s a simply shot of the flowers at one of the recent weddings I photographed. This detail shot is the Image of the Day.

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Blue Horse Barn is the Image of the Day

George Sheldon Lancaster PA Photographer

Blue Horse Barn

A blue horse barn in Harford County, Maryland is the subject of today’s image.

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