No Commercial Photography Allowed in Missouri Town Park

bridge8The only public park in the Village of Twin Oaks in Saint Louis, Missouri looks quite photogenic. However, the picture perfect park is off limits to any commercial photographer.

Portrait photographer Josephine Havlak has filed a lawsuit against the town. The photographer wanted to take a photo of clients on the bridge (shown in the image above from the town’s web site). But the town has an ordinance banning such activity in its 10.5 acre park.

So Havlak is taking the town to court, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.


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Where is Spring? It is Snowing in Amish Country

The long awaited arrival of Spring 2015 maybe today on the calendar. But Spring may need plowed as Lancaster County experiences more snow.

Lancaster County Amish Buggy by George Sheldon Photography

Lancaster County Amish travel in a horse-drawn buggy during a snow storm.

Luckily to snow today will not be covering the roads as it did earlier this year when I captured this image for my stock photography collection. Still, 2″ to 4″ inches of snow on the first day of spring is not a good thing.

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

GeorgeSheldon_120317_0008 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0014 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0015 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0024 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0050 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0056 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0086 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0103 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0104 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0124 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0159 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0198 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0201 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0204 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0226 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0244 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0290 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0299 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0305 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0308 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0314 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0323 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0333 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0384 GeorgeSheldon_120317_0434Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you! Wear the green, enjoy the celebration, have some fun and be safe. Here are some photos of the Saint Patrick’s Day parade event I photographed a few years ago in York, Pennsylvania.


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Wedding Photography Average Cost Increased in 2014

Wedding Photography in Lancaster County PA by George Sheldon

According to The Knot, couples paid an average of $2,556 for their wedding photography in 2014. That’s nearly a 5% increase from the average cost the previous year of $2,440, the Web site PetaPixel reported. The complete report is here: – it includes the survey which shows what couples spent on a variety of wedding services.

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Soldier’s Baby Wrapped Flag Triggers Controversy

554078_630x354This image set off a firestorm this week. Social media exploded when the image was posted. Some liked it, others said it disgraced the US Flag. A Facebook user said the photo was “disrespectful, rude, tacky, disgusting, and against the U.S. Flag Code.”

The photographer was interviewed on FoxNews.


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